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What is a low center of gravity carrier? It’s a patented industrial carrier design from Miller Industries that has a deck height of 5 to 6 inches lower than any competing bed on the market. This lower deck height provides many benefits, including:

  • Accommodates taller loads
  • Makes loading a snap with the lowest load degree angle available
  • Allows for more balance and stability for confident drivability
  • Provides easy and safe access to equipment from the ground

LCG carriers cater perfectly to a very broad market. They are excellent for hauling equipment such as Ag equipment, construction equipment, rental equipment and much more. These beds are available with a 20,000 lb., 30,000 lb. or 40,000 lb. weight capacity.

So let’s maximize your profitability with a new LCG carrier today! See our entire Industrial Carrier inventory here, or call a Zip’s representative today at 800-222-6047!

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