LSV (Light Service Vehicle)

Count on Zip’s to help you get the most efficiency and performance out of your service calls. Introducing a new Light Service Vehicle (LSV): it’s been specifically designed to hold all of the products and tools you need on the road, including the ability to hold up to 36 batteries! The LSV's service body style installs on a variety of trucks—a single wheel pick-up to a dual wheel cab and chassis. Scroll down to learn more about the LSV's features and benefits, or call your personal sales consultant today!

Light Service Vehicle Driver Side

Features & Benefits


The LSV has an adjustable sub-frame and can be installed on a single wheel pick-up style truck up to a dual wheel cab chassis. The LSV is compatible with Ford, Chevrolet and Ram trucks.


The front two body compartments have enough storage capacity for 36 automotive size batteries.  The compartments are also dropped 3" lower for ergonomically friendly access to the batteries.


The LSV has a durable aluminum construction with a powder coat paint finish. When compared to typical steel service bodies, the LSV is lightweight, and it has a longer life cycle and better resale value.


The exterior storage compartment offers great organization and easy access to gas cans, garbage cans, hand tools and more to keep you prepared for any situation.


The LSV comes standard with a 1/4” x 50ft air hose reel and 3.4 CFM air compressor, so you’re never without the basics.


The LSV is outfitted with premium LED lighting to help with safe and effective service calls, including (2) Rear Flood Lights and (4) Warning LED Light Heads.


Heavy duty, gull-wing style compartment doors are low-profile and tapered in design for maximum visibility while backing up.


The rear body compartment can be utilized to efficiently store all the hand tools and accessories you need to get the job done safely and in a timely manner.

Light Service Vehicle Passenger Side Cutout

Service Accessory Package


Include the Service Accessory Package when equipping your LSV or other service vehicles. With the addition of this accessory kit, there is nothing your operator won't be able to do! From battery replacement to tire changes, this kit has everything you need to provide safe and efficient service calls.

Maximum Storage

LSV Storage Convenience

Chassis Recommendations

Body Width 90" or 95.5"
Single or Dual Rear Wheels
56-60" CA
Pick-up Style Truck or Cab Chassis
Minimum GVW 6,100 lbs.
Suspension Upgrade Kit Recommended

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