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Shopping by schematics is the fastest and easiest way to find exactly the repair parts you need. Our schematics give you the ability to quickly narrow down your search, which makes it a snap to determine the specific replacement parts you're looking for on a variety of carriers, wreckers, underlifts and more. Explore part diagrams down to exact equipment assemblies—then shop right from the schematics. A few clicks to add the parts to your shopping cart and done. We strive for quality in everything we do, so we want to make shopping with Zip’s a simple and enjoyable customer experience.

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    Car Carriers

    Car Carriers Ready to drive a brand new car carrier right off our lot? We’re happy to help find the right one for your business. Click here to see our full inventory.

    Tow Dollies

    Tow Dollies
    No matter the towing application—we have a huge selection of dollies to help you tow or reposition disabled cars with ease. Click here for details.