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B/A Products Low Profile V-Chain with 15" J Hooks / TJ Combo Hooks

SKU: 11-8LPH
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This Low Profile V-Chain has two 2' legs with a 15" j-hook and a hammerhead t-j combo hook attached to the end of each. The pear link that connects the legs also has two grab hooks connected to it. Use the new Low Profile V-Chains from B/A to reduce damage to the under carriage of vehicles. By using an oblong link the hook of the winch line is now in a horizontal plane, with the tip of the hook pointed away from components that could otherwise be damaged. This reduces the risk of puncturing the vehicles' oil pan, transmission, valance, bumper, radiator, etc.

  • Grade: 70
  • Size: 5/16"
  • Length: 2' Legs
  • WLL: 5,400 lbs. at a 60 degree angle