B/A Super Swaged Cables w/ Self Locking Swivel Hooks

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Winch Cables can also be known as: winch line, wire rope, wrecker cables, car carrier cables, and rollback cables. These Super Swaged Winch Cables from B/A Products have a compact design that allows for up to 26% greater strength than standard winch lines of the same diameter. Due to the swaging process the outer wires have a larger surface area than that of standard winch lines providing better resistance to abrasion, pig tailing, and kinking. Due to the fact that the winch cable is already compacted during the swaging process, there is less space within the winch rope to compact if it is exposed to crushing. These winch cables come with a self-locking hook that provides greater safety because the hook will not come un-locked when under load.

This cable starts out as the next size bigger cable and through the swaging process it compresses the cable down to the next size smaller. This makes the strength of the cable equal to the next size bigger but it does make the cable less flexible.

A 3/8" swaged cable starts out as a 7/16" steel core cable, then through the swaging process gets compressed down to a 3/8" swaged cable. The 3/8" swaged cable has the working load limit of a 7/16" standard steel core cable.


  • Self-Locking Hook
  • Sizes available: 3/8" - 1/2"
  • Lengths available: 50' - 200'
  • WLL: 5,700 - 9,800
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