Federal Signal LED Message Board

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This message board provides public safety with systematic messages that are displayed using LED lights. Every motorist and pedestrian will see this board with ease, giving them plenty of time to react. The system has 60 standard messages, which can be seen here, but it is capable of holding up to 500 messages. A controller inside the cab enables the vehicle operator to active the LED display board with the push of a button. These message boards are available with Blue, Amber, or Green LEDs. Order yours today!


  • Bright and powerful LED message board
  • Colors available: Blue, Amber, or Green
  • 60 standard messages programmed
  • Holds up to 500 messages
  • Includes hardware kit and mounting brackets
  • In cab controller
  • 672 LEDs
  • Board measures 3" x 35.2" x 4.8"
  • Video


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