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Power Up Switch Panel 6 Function Universal Mount Touch Pad System

Power Up Switch Panel 6 Function Universal Mount Touch Pad System

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The Touch Basic-6 is an electrical switching control system comprised of a Power Distribution Center (PDC) and a Keypad (KP-6). The system allows placement of the PDC in close proximity to the electrical devices that it is to control for easy installation with short and simple wire runs. The PDC is under control of a programmable Keypad that can be mounted up to 300 feet away. The Touch Basic can be used to control auxiliary lighting, PTO's (clutch pump), strobes, or electrically controlled hydraulic valves.

* Check out the brochure tab for installation instructions

  • Switches programmable to operate in either momentary or latching mode
  • Status indicators report on the condition and status of each output circuit
  • PTO and SYS visual indicators, plus a buzzer for alarm conditions
  • Self-diagnostics monitors network and system for faults
  • Switch rated at over 1 million operations each
  • Customizable legend strips to identify each switch
  • Backlit for easy night-time readability
  • Fast and easy installation, 4 mounting screws and plug-in pigtail
  • Operational Temperature: -40 to 155 degree F
  • Splash-proof and UV stabilized enclosure
  • Dimensions W 4.5" x H 2.75" x D 0.75"




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