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Transfer Flow Refueling Tank 109 Gallon Long Bed Pickups

Transfer Flow Refueling Tank 109 Gallon Long Bed Pickups

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Whether you're refueling equipment, filling up vehicles, or traveling across country in your ATV, this tank is designed for the ultimate go-getters. Our 109-gallon refueling tank system is Department of Transportation (DOT) legal to carry and transfer gasoline, diesel, methanol/ethanol, kerosene, and aviation fuel. The easy-to-use hose-purge feature allows you to pull any fuel left in the hose back into the refueling tank to eliminate messes in the truck bed and stretch your extra fuel capacity even further. The 109-gallon refueling tank is made from 12-gauge ReliaSteel, high-yield U.S. aluminized steel, for superior durability and strength; and powder coated black for durable satin finish. As with all Transfer Flow fuel tank systems, this refueling tank comes complete with all parts needed for installation, down to the last zip tie.

  • 109 Gallon Tank
  • Fits long-bed pickups only
  • Ship/weight: truck/297 lb.
  • 2001 to 2014 GM long bed and 2011 to 2014 GM short bed pickups require a Bracket Mounting Kit (part number 020-01-14222)
  • Manufactured from 12 gauge aluminized steel for rust resistance and strength
  • This refueling tank has been granted Special Permit SP-11911 from the Department of Transportation
  • Tank includes 12 volt refueling pump, 12 foot hose, nozzle, wire harness with dash-mounted power switch, mounting hardware, rollover valve and locking fuel cap
  • Per DOT regulations, tank is notched and has a reversing switch so pump and hose can stay attached while in transit
  • Powder coated black for a durable finish
  • Available for storing gas, diesel, methanol, ethanol, kerosene and aviation fuel
  • Methanol, ethanol and aviation fuel pumps available
  • Optional fuel filter kit and flow meter kit
  • 12 volt refueling pump is rated up to 12 gallons per minute. Actual delivery rate will vary depending on restrictions
  • Refueling tanks are baffled to reduce fuel slosh
  • 3 year/unlimited mile warranty
  • Item may vary from image shown