Weego Crankenstein Jump Starting 12V/24V Power Pack

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Replace your heavy, 40-plus lb. lead-acid jump pack with this 9 lb. lightweight and compact jump-starting monster from Weego. Lab-tested and IP65-rated, the Crankenstein power pack is ruggedly built to jump gas and diesel engines with 12V or 24V systems. Able to withstand 2,000 charge cycles, the ultra-stable lithium-iron phosphate battery lasts up 30 hours, recharges in just six hours and can hold a charge for one year. The reinforced, weather-resistant casing includes charging cables, a built-in voltmeter and OLED display screen, connection detection technology, Hotfoot® technology for cold-weather applications, quick-charge USB ports, 12V CLA port for tools and an adjustable worklight. One-year warranty. Not eligible for air freight due to lithium battery.


  • 12/24V lithium
  • 1200 Cranking amps (12v)
  • 600 Cranking amps (24v)
  • 5000 peak amps
  • Fast-charge for portable devices
  • 1000 Lumen LED flashlight with strobe and SOS function
  • 12V Mini clamps
  • Storage bag
  • Quick start guide
  • Video