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Make your Jump-Start Pack Last!

by Brittany Bierle | Oct 30, 2018

Tips for Preserving the Life of Jump-Start Packs

portable jump packs

Older car batteries show their age in the cold temperatures with dead batteries. Jump-start packs are an operator’s best friend in these types of conditions. A quick boost will get many customers back on the road and you off to the next call. In order to keep your jump packs working when you need them, here are a few tips.

  • Keep the jump pack charged according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Yes, this seems like an easy one, but jump packs have different charging techniques.

  • Some packs have built-in overcharge protection. This allows them to be plugged in constantly.

  • Other packs require charging for a specific period. Afterwards, they must be disconnected from the power source. Constant charging will damage the battery on packs on units without overcharge protectors.

  • Jump-start packs require cool-down periods between jumps. The high amperage needed to start a vehicle heats up the internal components of the jump pack. The timeframe varies depending on the manufacturer, but in general, after 6 seconds of trying to jump-start start a vehicle, a pack will need 3 minutes of cool down time.

  • Cold temperatures reduce the capacity of the jump-start batteries. Keep the pack warm between uses.

  • Train employees on the proper hook-up of the battery hand clamps per manufacturer instructions.

  • Use to charge non-frozen lead-acid batteries only.

  • Follow any other jump pack maintenance outlined in the owners manual.

  • Following these tips will extend the life of your portable jump starters and allow them to operator at peak amps.

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