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Make an Informed Purchase on You Next Tow Dolly

by Cameron Hanson | Jan 16, 2020


There are numerous factors to contemplate when buying a brand new tow dolly. Zip’s AW Direct offers a variety of Collins and In The Ditch dollies. We carry nine different models with capacities listed at either 3,040 pounds or 4,280 pounds, depending on tire size.

Today we break down the components of a tow dolly sets and explore how they relate to durability and maintenance. The blog post and video provide more information on the topic. The blog post provides a detailed outline of the key points.

Each featured part of a dolly offers benefits and limitations, both of which can affect the price range of $1,485 to more than $2,000 per set.

Tow dollies have 8” utility tires, allowing them to have a maximum road speed of 60 mph. Making them a good choice for short and medium distance travel. However, most operators prefer to stay at or below 50 mph for safety.

Based on your use cases, choose from 5.70 or 4.80 tire sizes with steel or aluminum wheels. Besides speed, tire sizes also affect load capacity: the larger the tire, the greater the load it can handle. Be sure to check tire pressures regularly on your tow dolly tires, for maximum safety and efficiency.

Dolly assemblies are made from steel and are available with aluminum or steel axles. Aluminum axles offer a weight savings that your operators will appreciate. Steel components can be zinc-plated or powder-coated with each offering its own level of durability.

Another item to consider is maintenance, especially this time of year. Tow dollies can often be neglected, and replacing a set may be the reason you’ve landed here. Zip’s AW Direct offers dollies with easy-to-lube grease zerks or with maintenance-free hubs. Featuring automotive sealed hubs and bearings, the latter can save you time and money and extend the life of your dolly. Choose what best fits your operation.

You can compare options and learn more by visiting our tow dolly section online at www.zips.com/towing-accessories. Here you will find detailed product descriptions as well as tables identifying which features accompany each model.

Also, don’t forget to check out our replacement dolly parts as well as our deck mounts and storage racks for your dollies when they are not in use.