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Must-Have Hauling Accessories

by Nate Kuennen | Jan 31, 2023

Hauling flatbed freight can be tricky. Make sure you have the right tools and accessories to help simplify the process. Zip’s AW Direct offers a full line of Cargo Control products to protect your load, assist in tarping and keep everything where it belongs as you head down the road. 

You already know about our durable straps and chains. In today’s blog, we are going to look at the types of accessories that can make any tie-down job easier. We call them ‘must-haves’. Find room in your storage compartments for these hand-picked favorites that can help your flatbed operation.


Ancra Lever Binder Lock

Once you have tightened down your chain, make sure the lever binder stays put by locking it in place with the Ancra Binder Lock. Featuring a two-position pin, this metal lock prevents the accidental release of the lever in transit.

  • Secures binder lever to body frame with locking pin
  • Powder-coated to withstand harsh road spray
  • Safety yellow finish easily identifiable
Item #: AI-50117-10
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Strap Winders

We’ve all seen the tail of a cargo strap flying in the wind behind a trailer. Don’t be that driver. Zip’s AW Direct offers three types of strap winders to store excess webbing neatly behind the winch cap and keep it from becoming a streamer.

  • Winds straps up to 4”W
  • Attaches to rail for mechanical operation
  • Dual handles for improved control
Ancra Web Winder
Item #: AI-45801-10
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Ancra EZ Winder 2 Handle Strap Winder
Item #: AI-50092-10
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Premium Cargo Strap Winder
Item #: AI-50391-10
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Ancra Heavy-Duty Strap Storage Band Pack

When you’re empty or don’t need all of your straps, make sure you keep them organized so they are readily available the next time you need them. Don’t create a rat’s nest in your storage compartment with loose straps. Count on Ancra Storage Bands to keep them rolled tightly so they can be stacked and stored without taking up a lot of real estate.

  • Keeps straps from unraveling
  • Dimensions: 1”W x 7”L
  • Ancra-blue heavy-duty rubber
Item #: AI-50433-10
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All-Grip Telescoping Retrieval & Rigging Tool

Your loaded trailer can reach as high as 13’6”. Throwing straps, chains and tarps over that stack of freight can be challenging. Use the All-Grip Telescoping Retrieval and Rigging Tool to get your tie-down gear where it needs to get. This lightweight aluminum pole extends to 8’ and locks into position for easy maneuverability.

  • Collapses to 42” for easy storage
  • Hi-tech poly retrieval hook
  • Marine finish for durability
Item #: 11810-5
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Corner Protectors

Your freight comes in all shapes and sizes. When it shows up as pallets, building materials and angle iron, make sure you have corner protectors to shield your straps from cuts and abrasions. Zip’s AW Direct offers 13 different options to add a layer of defense against sharp corners and edges.

  • Wide footprint evenly distributes pressure
  • Metal or plastic construction
  • Pre-bent to 90 degrees
Zip's Corner Strap Protector
Item #: ZCSP
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Ancra X-Treme Guard HD Poly Corner Protector
Item #: AI-50089-GUARD
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All-Grip Plastic Corner Protector
Item #: WS-25037025
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Reversible Load Signs

Sometimes, your freight doesn’t fit the width of your trailer. To maintain compliance with DOT regulations, you need to notify other motorists of your oversized load. If that’s the case, Zip’s AW Direct offers several different options for reversible banners to address the situation.

  • Double-sided, DOT-compliant sign
  • Secures with attached rope
  • Vinyl material rolls up for convenient storage
Zip's Wide/Oversize Load Banner
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Ancra Wide/Oversize Load Banner
Item #: AI-49894-BANNER
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Ancra Toss 'N Tie Strap

Don’t throw your arm out tossing heavy straps over your flatbed freight. Use the Toss ‘N Tie from Ancra to get your straps where they need to go. Attach the carabiner to a strap end and then toss the much lighter nylon string and rubber reel over the freight. Then go to the other side and pull the tie-down strap over.  

  • String length: 28’
  • Molded synthetic rubber reel
  • Includes carabiner and ring
Item #: AI-50409-10
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Ancra Tarp Protector

Tarping your load is likely the least desirable aspect of your job. Don’t add to the frustration by causing tears and holes in your expensive tarps. Use Ancra’s Tarp Protector to soften corners and prevent cuts and abrasions. This plastic pyramid makes contact with each surface and the rounded tip won’t pierce straps or fabric.

  • Yellow plastic for visibility
  • Three points of contact
  • Rounded tip to soften corner
Item #: AI-49913-10
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We hope you find these accessories useful and beneficial to your operation. You can browse more options by visiting the Cargo Control section at Zips.com. Just remember, the most important tip is making sure you have the right tools to perform your job safely and efficiently.