Snatch blocks improve pulling power, direction

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Swivel Shackle w/ Chain
Swivel Shackle w/ Chain
On a car carrier, a chain link or hook end can be inserted into the keyhole slot on the tailboard to change the direction of the winch line. This is particularly useful when the tow operator is looking to keep a lane of travel open while recovering a casualty from a roadside ditch or tight parking lot.

Item # shown: ZSBSC
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Swivel Hook
Swivel Hook
Most snatch blocks are approved for overhead lifting. They can be used to double the lifting power of the winch or hoist in industrial settings. The Swivel Hook allows for swift and secure connections.

Item # shown: ZBA
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Swivel Shackle
Swivel Shackle
Swivel Shackle snatch blocks can create downward pressure by attaching to a D-ring, stiff leg, wheel lift or other solid structure versus winching straight off the end of the boom.

Item # shown: ZSBSW
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