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Chains are changing.

Introducing Tycan® chains made with Dyneema®. The world’s strongest fiber. Your lightest chain.

At a fraction of the weight of a steel chain, Tycan® synthetic chains are an advantage for your crew, cargo and company. Tycan chains feature synthetic links constructed from  Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber. The webbing formed with Dyneema is layered and twisted to create links that give you all the power and flexibility of a steel chain—without compromising 
safety or performance. Tycan chains are 8x lighter and soft to the touch, making it effortless for one person to handle an entire chain. This chain has a 2 to 1 safety factor and it is not rated for overhead lifting. It is rated for lashing and load securement with a minimal breaking load of 44,800 lbs, lashing capacity of 22,400 lbs and standard tension force of 5,600 lbs.



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Lighter Lifting. Faster Rigging. 

Trust in Tycan for your outsize cargo load securement and heavy duty lashing tasks--while reducing accidents and damage for you and your equipment. Tycan chains are 7x stronger than steel of the same weight, and they are designed for greater durability, controlled stretch, extremely low creep, and resilience to the elements.

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Safety and Care. 

Cut out the risks of steel chains, and count on Tycan chains to drastically reduce back injuries, cuts, abrasions and accidents. Ropes, slings and chains with Dyneema made are safer and more productive for your crew, at only 15% of the weight of the steel alternative.

Tycan Easy To Handle 4-Column

Easy to handle

Tycan Less Back Strain 4-Column
Less back strain
Tycan No Cuts Abrasions 4-Column
No cuts and abrasions
Tycan Lift 3x As Much 4-Column
Lift 3x as much cargo in a day injury free

Why Dyneema®?

Tycan Strong Icon 3-Column
Strong. Dyneema is the world’s strongest fiber, and when manufactured into a Tycan chain, it matches the performance and strength of hardened steel.
Tycan Light Icon 3-Column
Light. Even under severe strain, chains with Dyneema are light, quiet, and soft enough to give one person the confidence to work solo.
Tycan Safe Icon 3-Column
Safe. Chains with Dyneema synthetic fiber minimizes abrasion, damage, injuries and accidents for your team and equipment.



Which industries have already replaced steel for Dyneema®?

Tycan Mooring Ropes 4-Column
Mooring Ropes
Tycan Deepwater Ropes 4-Column
Deepwater Ropes
Tycan Heavy Lift Slings 4-Column
Heavy Lift Slings
Tycan Working Ropes 4-Column
Working Ropes


Which industries are switching to  Dyneema®?

Tycan Towing Recovery 2-Column
Towing and Recovery
Tycan Heavy Hauling 2-Column
Heavy Hauling


Be prepped for the job with the Tycan Chain D-Ring Style Kit including chain hook and load binder.

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