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Amber Essentials Professional LED Warning & Illumination Lighting

Whelen Amber Essential Lights are an innovative, high-quality collection of lights for safety and life-saving professionals. This Whelen light series features LED technology that provides high-intensity, long-lasting output. Zip's offers the complete line of Whelen Amber Essentials—partnering professional warning lights and illumination with our quality service for an exceptional customer experience.

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Whelen Amber Essentials lights


The finest quality for the safety light industry.

Whelen Amber Essentials’ professional line of lights features smart and versatile design for compact vehicles and heavy applications. Their durable, water-resistant body and hard-coated lens will shrug off moisture, sand, salt, chemicals and road vibration. Beacons, lightheads, lightbars, mini lightbars and traffic advisors all implement Super-LED technology and are made in the USA.
Whelen Amber Essential Lights are perfect for tow operators, police officers, firefighters and other professionals that need dependable, high-power safety warning lights for their vehicles. Some other LED Warning Light applications might include service trucks, flag cars, construction equipment, back hoes, track hoes, dozers, skid loaders, end loaders, fork lifts, snow plow equipment, street sweepers, farm equipment,  
grounds and maintenence equipment, lawn mowers, road graders, dump trucks, garbage trucks, sanitation equipment, recycling trucks, tow trucks, car carriers, auto transporters and mobile service vehicles.


The versatile product line of Super-LED lights. 

Super-LED® Beacons
Whelen Amber Essentials Super-LED Beacon lights
Super-LED Beacons add extra warning lights to your unit, with hard-coated lenses and a variety of certifications, models and mounts available.

Super-LED® Lightheads
Whelen Amber Essentials Super-LED Lightheads
Super-LED Lightheads feature low-amp draw, multiple scan patterns and variety of mounts, and it syncs to other Whelen products.
Super-LED® Lightbars
Whelen Amber Essentials Super-LED Lightbars
Super-LED Lightbars are four-corner modules with choice of permanent mounts, all-bar operation control, SAE Class 1 Certification.
Super-LED Mini Lightbars
Whelen Amber Essentials Super-LED Mini Lightbars
Super-LED Mini Lightbars come in a variety of models and mounts, feature multiple scan pattern and are SAE Class 1 Certified.
Traffic Advisors
Whelen Amber Essentials Traffic Advisors
Super-LED Traffic Advisors are  lasting, directional bars used for flash and traffic control, and with their high LED intensity, they are ideal for pilot cars.


Our innovation helps us meet our customer’s changing needs.

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Whelen Testimonial Dave
"My trucks all have Whelen warning lights, and I will not order any other brand. Between the wide selection of products, ease of installation, constant innovations, and high quality of the products, Whelen lights cannot be beat. My life along with my other driver's lives depend on being seen on the roadside, and Whelen products make sure that we can see and be seen." Dave, Lakeview Garage Inc.


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