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Whelen M Series and
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Professional LED Warning & Illumination

Whelen M Series and M V-Series are premiere light collections created with safety and life-saving professionals in mind. These light series stand up to the harsh conditions of the industry without compromising high-intensity performance. Look to Zip’s for an assembly of Whelen M Series and M V-Series lightheads—where unmatched illumination meets Zip’s exceptional customer service.

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The finest quality for the safety light industry.

Outfit your equipment with top-end Whelen M Series and M V-Series lightheads. Whelen delivers lightheads with brilliant, high-intensity output and low current consumption. Both series come in an assortment of models, all equipped with hard-coated lenses to fight the elements and efficient design to make installation simple. Applications for the Whelen M Series and M V-Series might include fire departments, first responder services, road maintenance services, command centers, police departments, tow companies, haz-mat clean-up, traffic control service and utility vehicles.
M Series™
The M Series surface mount Super-LED lightheads create completely illuminate working environments. They’re design with a unique lens shape and patented Linear-LED designed reflector assembly, creating long-lasting warning illumination. Easily create your ideal lighting situation with the assortment of models, color-divisions, flash patterns and sync functions. All M Series lightheads come with a variety of mounting brackets, simple two-screw installation and optional Chrome or Black flanges.
M V-Series™
M V-Series is unique light collection with complete coverage in one lighthead. The M V-Series features innovative LED technology utilizing multiple planes of light, providing 2-in-1 combination warning and scene lighting. This light series is extremely versatile in use and application and is offered in an assortment of models, sizes and color-division options to suit any professional lighting need. All M V-Series lightheads come with diverse flash and sync patterns, various mounting kits and optional Chrome or Black flanges.

The unique M Series Super-LED lights

M2 Series Lights
Whelen M2 Series light
The M2 Series are compact, wide-angle lens models that mount vertically or horizontally and feature 25 solid color or 69 split color flash patterns.

M4 Series Lights
Whelen M4 Series light
The M4 Series are compact, combination warning and driving lights with flange, brush guard, fog light or mirror mount options and 125 solid color or 64 split color flash patterns.
M6 Series Lights
Whelen M6 Series light
The M6 Series are mid-sized models with warning, brake/tail/turn, turn, back-up and scene light options and 159 solid color or 64 split color Scan-Lock flash patterns.
M7 Series Lights
Whelen M7 Series light
The M7 Series are mid-sized warning and scene lights with a new option to replace Clear lens with Smoked lens. They feature 159 solid color or 64 split color flash patterns.
M9 Series Lights
Whelen M9 Series light
The M9 Series are large models with a new duo combination warning/scene light option, as well as standard warning, brake/tail/turn, turn, back-up and scene light options. 

The versatile M V-Series Super-LED lights

M4 V-Series Lights
Whelen M4 V-Series light
The M4 V-Series are compact, surface mount models featuring 25 flash patterns in the warning segment and Amber, Blue, White and Red LED options.
M6 V-Series Lights
Whelen M6 V-Series light
The M6 V-Series is a mid-sized, surface mount model featuring 21 flash patterns and a new rear 2-piece lightpod for up to 6 lightheads.
M9 V-Series Lights
Whelen M9 V-Series light
The M9 V-Series is the largest, surface mount model which features a new adapter flange kit mount for 2015-16 Transit for 360° critical coverage.

Our innovation helps us meet our customer’s changing needs.

M4 Series Linear Combination Driving Warning Light - WeVision™

They said it.
Whelen testimonial from Dave

"My trucks all have Whelen warning lights, and I will not order any other brand. Between the wide selection of products, ease of installation, constant innovations, and high quality of the products, Whelen lights cannot be beat. My life along with my other driver's lives depend on being seen on the roadside, and Whelen products make sure that we can see and be seen." Dave, Lakeview Garage Inc.


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