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Zip’s AW Direct Straps.
Our straps are built to be safer, stronger and last longer than any other strap in the industry. We have a variety of products using this patented material, including tie-down kits, magnetic axle straps and lasso straps. Order your straps at Zips.com now!

A safer alternative to standard straps.
These one-of-a-kind straps are made with a reflective webbing that adds visibility in any low light situation. Click here to buy!

Safer Straps

Stronger than your typical strap.
ToughGrade webbing is a thicker grade than standard straps and provides you with a higher working load limit. Order yours here!

Stronger Straps

Lasts longer than any other strap on the market.
Our straps are made with a PVB coating that resists grease, dirt, chemicals, UV rays and weather erosion. The finished edges reduce tears, cuts and abrasions. Click here to see all buying options!

Lasts Longer

Innovative products for you to choose from.
We have many products that use our innovative strap material. Click here to see all available products!

Magnetic Axle Straps
These unique straps feature magnetic ends that stay together for quicker and easier attachment. Order yours today!

Magnetic Axle Straps

Lasso Straps
Secure any wheel into your wheel grid with our high quality lasso straps. Click here to order now!

Lasso Straps

8-Point Tie-Down Kits
Safely secure vehicles to your flatbed with these 8-point tie-down kits. Click here to get yours now!

8 Point Tie Downs

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Get the most out of your new straps.
We have several products that match perfectly with our reflective straps.