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Miller Tie Down Kit Pro Pack Four Wheels

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To secure exotic and low-profile cars, Miller Industries introduced the Miller Pro Pack Four-Wheel Tie-Down Kit. The kit includes straps that pass through the rims, and is the preferred method of most towers who haul high-end vehicles. This kit was designed specifically for Miller Industries and includes four ratchet assemblies with chain tails, four wheel straps and four fleece sleeve protectors with foam padding and VelcroT closures. A small duffel bag is also included for protecting and storing the components when not in use. The duffel and the straps are all embossed with the Miller Industries logo. This kit provides a fast, safe and convenient way to provide a four-point tie-down while still protecting the finish on expensive rims.

  • (4) Ratchet Assemblies with Chain Tails
  • (4) Wheel Straps
  • (4) Four Fleece Sleeve Protectors with Foam Padding and Velcro
  • Small Duffel Bag Included

    4-Point Wheel Strap Tie-Downs