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AW Direct Quick Connect Air Coupler Kit

AW Direct Quick Connect Air Coupler Kit

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Utilize this professional tow coupler kit from AW Direct to quickly supply air to disabled trucks or buses in preparation for proper and safe towing. This 7-piece air coupler kit comes with 7 fittings which allows for applications on many different truck makes and models giving you the tools you need to get the job done efficiently. This kit also eliminates the need to seek out air supply tanks under the vehicle. It comes with a handy storage box along with a complete part listing for easy individual tool identification and replacement. This coupler kit comes complete with the following items...

Compressor Fitting
Compressor Fitting - #2501-10-6
Use this fitting when supplying air directly behind the air compressor of the disabled vehicle. This -10 JIC 90 degree elbow male fitting will connect to the hose or line behind the air compressor.

Pro Star Fitting
ProStar Fitting - #016264
This 90 degree elbow quick-connect fitting works well with the International ProStar truck models. It connects to the air supply line on the driver side, inside of the frame rail.

International Air Coupler Assembly
International Air Coupler Assembly - #ZAW-ACK-FASTER
This air coupler assembly connects to the flat-faced fitting of the air tank on some International 4300 and MV models along with some Ford F650/750 truck models.

PACCAR Air Coupler Assembly
PACCAR Air Coupler Assembly - #ZAW-ACK-DIXON
This air coupler assembly works well with most Kenworth and Peterbilt truck makes and models. It connects to the fitting located on the outside frame rail, near the driver side wheel well. It can sometimes be accessed without even opening the hood. Some trucks powered by a Cummins engine may have the fitting located directly behind the on-board truck compressor.

Air Dryer Connector Assembly
Air Dryer Connector Assembly - #ZAW-ACK-AD
This air connector assembly is designed for endless truck makes and models. Simply remove the OEM air compressor supply line from the air dryer and replace it with this connector - supplying air directly to the system.

Supply Line
1/2" Supply Line - #ZAW-ACK-AS
This 1/2" air supply line is a universal tool used with many different applications. It can be used for supplying air to the back side of the air dryer, supplying air to an air suspension bag or suspension leveling valve, releasing air brakes, applying service brakes, and much more.

134 Air Coupler Assembly
134 Air Coupler Assembly - #ZAW-ACK-R134A
This air coupler assembly is commonly used when towing Freightliner, Mack or Volvo truck makes and models. The access fitting on most of these trucks is located directly behind the air compressor on the air supply line. Use this air coupler assembly to supply air directly to the disabled vehicle.

Zip's Volvo & Mack Air Fitting
Zip's Volvo & Mack Air Fitting - #3200-04M12
This fitting is commonly used while towing Mack and Volvo Trucks.

  • Substitute for TC-1002 which has been discontinued