Pi Lit Rechargeable Sequential LED Flare

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Intelligent radio technology automatically positions flares in correct sequence for quick and simple deployment. Any one flare controls entire network of flares. Changing a parameter such as pattern only requires the user to use one flare. That flare will send a message to the network of flares and will change their patterns as well. In addition, no need to turn off each flare. The user can do a "group off" from any flare and all the flares will turn off. 50 plus foot range (15 meters) between flares (when on the ground), 1,000 feet (330 meters) when placed on top of a cone. No limit to the number of flares in a string. Rugged and compact, the flares can withstand the harsh environment of a roadway while stowing small in vehicle or motorcycle. "Moving" light is more effective at alerting and guiding drivers than random-flashing stationary patterns. 12 bright through-hole side LED's, 4 bright surface mount top LED's 1-mile visibility with 360-degree horizontal viewing angle and 180-degree vertical projection.


  • Uses an accelerometer to detect the flare's orientation. This will automatically choose which set of LEDs to flash. Flares in horizontal position (lying on ground), side LEDs will flash. Vertical position (attached to vehicle), top LEDs will flash. The tilt sensor can be disabled.
  • Magnetic base to allow mounting on vehicles, signs, cones, etc. Mounting flares on back of vehicle creates an effective light bar.
  • Lock the flash to the top LEDs when the flares are lying horizontally on the ground and you can brightly illuminate a traditional cone.
  • Five flash patterns to choose from. Four sequential patterns, one simultaneous pattern.
  • Battery status check with a push of a button. No need to change batteries unnecessarily! Ask the flare its' battery state.
  • Reverse the sequence direction with a push of a button. From any flare, the user can change the direction of the sequence. This can be done for deployment so that the user can drop the last flare in the sequence first, walk up stream towards traffic, and drop the first flare in the sequence last.
  • All rechargable sets include Carrying/Charging case, DC car charger plug, AC wall charger plug
  • 24-30 hours of continuous flash
  • Video