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SafeAll Universal Truck Mount

SafeAll Universal Truck Mount

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The SafeAll Uni-Rack is a one-of-a-kind pickup truck rack that can be universally mounted on the back of any pickup truck on the market. It has a unique design which allows for adjustability both horizontally and vertically. This one-size-fits-all rack can be fitted to the appropriate width of any respective pickup box, and the height can be adjusted to accommodate the broad range of pickup truck cabs. It can also be universally installed on endless utility or service body makes and models with open-belly body configurations.

The Uni-Rack is different from all the other racks that mount on the back of pickup trucks in that it has the heaviest of duty design. Most cab racks are designed and manufactured with very light steel or aluminum materials to accommodate installations of only small warning beacons, mini-light bars or work lights. The Uni-Rack can withstand accessory and equipment installations up to 200 lbs, such as the SafeAll Traffic Commander Variable Message Sign.

Made from durable steel, the Uni-Rack has a premium powder coat finish. It comes standard with all the mounting hardware required for installation, including stainless steel, allen-head bolts. The rack rests on top of the bed rails and is attached with bolts through the top of the bed rail. Drilling is required. Side brackets also pinch the bed rail for additional securement.

Bolted above the truck bed, the Uni-Rack doesn't take up any bed space, leaving full access to the bed for tools, equipment and anything else you need to haul. The rack also leaves plenty of room for the installation of a crossover pickup toolbox. A louvered, metal rear window protector keeps cargo from damaging the cab or breaking the glass. Removable end caps allow easy access for wiring auxiliary components, like light bars, cameras and work lights.

Featuring a C-channel overlap design, the Uni-Rack's uprights extend vertically from the bed rail to a maximum height of 31.5". The rack extends width-wise from 49" to 80". Holes are pre-drilled for adjustability, and some are slotted for ease of installation. All non-moving parts are welded for extreme durability and longevity. The rack ships in three pieces in one box.

  • Welded steel construction
  • Powder-coated black
  • C-channel overlap design
  • Pre-drilled holes for adjustability
  • Cab vertical height: Min: 20". Max: 31.5"
  • Truck bed inside width: Min: 49". Max: 80"
  • Stainless steel hardware included
  • Removable endcaps for wiring access
  • Top notches with protective edging for wiring
  • Does not take up bed space
  • Low profile accommodates crossover truck box
  • Louvered, steel rear window protector
  • Ships in three pieces in one box