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Zip's Lift Assist Dolly Mount

Zip's Lift Assist Dolly Mount

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The life of a tow truck operator is a tough and dangerous one. Physically demanding, close to high-speed traffic, and never entirely sure what could go wrong. Every tow truck operator deserves as many conveniences as possible. This is why we made the Self-Loading Dolly Mount. This handy tool helps make their day a bit safer, a bit easier, and a bit better.

Able to load and unload dollies quickly and efficiently, you can rely on the Self-Loading Dolly Mount. This shock assisted mount allows the tow truck operator to load dollies from their power zone, the optimal lifting position for users that eliminates back and shoulder strain. Additionally, it eliminates side frame and truck bed damages from impacts with the dollies. To absorb these benefits, operation is a breeze. To pull the mount down, engage the release handle and gently pull back on the dolly. The dolly will float down to the operator with shock assistance. To mount or dismount the dolly, engage the cup latch on the tilt cup. This will open the tilt cup or lock the tilt cup into place. Lastly, pull the release handle and guide the mount back up as the shock assistance takes away all the lifting. For one last securing method, insert the latch pin to prevent the dolly side frame from falling in transit. It's that easy!

Additionally, it also protects tow truck operators and their equipment by preventing them from getting on the bed of the truck, especially trucks with high beds. No need to worry about slipping or falling off, as you can stay in one spot on the ground while it loads. Plus, like previously mentioned, its lock pin/latch mechanism prevents the dollies from falling down in transit, preventing damage to the side of your vehicle and the dollies. More importantly, it eliminates the chances of an accident caused by an unstable mount. By locking it in place, the tow truck operator can feel safe knowing it won’t cause any problems on the road.

Another great feature of the dolly mount is that it’s designed to fit most dollies. With it's adjustable wheel mount brackets for both 4.80 and 5.70 sized tires, this mount ensures you can easily integrate into your specific system. Plus, with how easy it is to use, it will speed up any job you’re on. Why wouldn’t you want this on your truck?

  • Sold as a Pair
  • Easy unloading, restowing, and mounting
  • Steel construction
  • Adjustable wheel mounting brackets
  • Pull Down Mount: Engage release handle and pull back on dolly--dolly floats down to operator with shock assistance
  • Dollies Off/On: Release cup latch to remove dolly from tilt cup or release and lock cup latch to mount dolly onto tilt cup
  • Lift Up Mount: Pull release handle and guide dolly up with shock assistance
  • Shock spring does all the heavy work (no more heavy lifting)
  • Holds dollies on the bed of a truck
  • Latch/pin/lock for securing
  • Compatible with most dollies including In The Ditch and Collins
  • There is a spacer that can be removed to accommodate the bigger tube on the ITD dollies
  • Dolly retrievable in the power zone
  • Compact set up
  • Great for trucks with higher beds