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Tork Advanced ShopMax Centerfeed Shop Towels

Tork Advanced ShopMax Wiper 450 Center-feed shop towels are highly absorbent, offering excellent wipe-dry capabilities. Their strong construction offers durability and the self-dispensing pop-up box offers controlled dispensing. They contain 85% paper content (60% recycled, 40% postindustrial) and 15% synthetic emulsion. Sold in a box of 200.

Temflex Vinyl Insulating Electrical Tape

Temflex vinyl insulating electrical tape. It is flame retardant, lead free, cold and sunlight resistant, suitable for use at not more than 600V and not more than 80?C (176?F).

In The Ditch Galvanized Steel Trash Cans w/ Lids

In The Ditch now has Galvanized Steel Trash Cans. Made from galvanized steel, these trash cans are guaranteed to last for years. You can choose from a 6 gallon trash can or a 4 gallon trash can. Each of these sizes comes with a lid included. The 4 gallon trash can and lid can be used to replace miller part number 124002700. These trash cans are approximately 22" tall and have a width of about 10".

Fastenal 1/4" - 28 Grease Fitting w/ Ball Check

This straight grease fitting is used to dispense grease into a mating part using a grease gun. It is made from steel with a zinc finish and comes with a ball check. This part has replaced part number

Zip's 18" Wide Broom with 60" Fiberglass Handle

This Zip's 18" rough surface broom has a durable fiberglass handle. It sweeps heavy debris such as: gravel, mulch and heavy dirt. This broom effectively cleans rough surfaces. It is for outdoor use under wet or dry conditions.

Union Tools Transfer Shovel Square Point

The Union Tools square point shovel has so many uses that it's an essential part of any tool assortment. It's perfect for moving loose garden material, sand, topsoil or debris. It can also be used to shape beds, mix concrete, level off areas that need to be flat or to scrape stubborn material off driveways or other hard surfaces.

AW Direct Trash Can

AW Direct galvanized trash cans are available in 3 sizes: 4 Gallon, 6 Gallon, and 10 Gallon. These trash cans are constructed of galvanized steel and include the a galvanized lid.

Tork Towel Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth

Tork low-lint cleaning cloth is a disposable cloth used for cleaning applications. The multipurpose cloths are made from 100% synthetic fibers making them low-lint producing and flexible. They are versatile cloths that can be used with detergents and chemical solvents and come in a convenient popup box.

10 Gallon Galvanized Trash Can w/ Lid

10 Gallon trash cans with deep body corrugations for superior strength and durability. These are manufactured from prime, heavy gauge and halvanized steel.

Slip Plate #1 Dry Film Graphite Lubricant

Slip Plate is a heavy duty all purpose dry film graphite lubricant. It will not collect dirt, dust, mud or grit. Bonds quickly to any clean surface, eliminates sticking and material buildup. Will not wash away.

Remco Industrial Shovel

Note: Special Handling Fees Apply for Specific Items

This Remco one-piece polypropylene shovel is tough and lightweight. With a regrind additive, it is a cost-effective option for industrial applications that do not require food grade materials. These heavy-duty polypropylene shovels are light enough to float, but strong enough to handle roadside clean-up loads. Solid shaft one-piece design is chemical resistant, won't rust, and stands up to the the coldest weather. Initially developed over 30 years ago, our one-piece shovel doesn t just meet the standard, it sets the standard.
  • Durable: Solid shaft one-piece design is chemical resistant, won't rust, and stands up to the the coldest weather
  • Lightweight: Less than 4 lb
  • Shorter Length: Ideal for applications involving raised surfaces or containers
  • One-Piece Construction: Eliminates points of weakness where two-piece tools may fail
  • Durable Plastic Blade: Bears a considerable load, but will not cause damage to surfaces or paint

  • Available in the following sizes

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Howes Lubricator and Penetrating Oil 12 oz.

Howes Lubricator heavy-duty, multi-purpose Lubricator and Penetrating Oil is guaranteed to loosen rusted nuts and bolts. The lubricant can be sprayed on wires, leads and distributor caps and is safe to use on almost any surface.

Phoenix 12V DC Air Compressor

The AC12V3 portable air compressor from Phoenix USA features a 3 gallon tank and .75 HP motor and has a compact design.

Midwest Gas Can

2 gallon Midwest Can Model 2399 Quick-Flow Spout Gasoline Can. Measures 7.75" x 9.25" Base 10" Tall.

All-Grip Broom w/ Extendable Handle

Don’t worry about broom storage anymore. With this telescopic broom, you can adjust the handle from 36” to 62” for easy use without taking up all the space a 62” broom would usually take. Plus, its industrial poly construction means that it will hold up without worry. It also comes in two sizes for your convenience.

SureCan Gas Cans

No more bending over and tipping your fuel can in an awkward position. SureCan fuel cans put you in control of where your fuel goes. Made of high-density polyethylene with a comfortable grip and easy-to-use release and lock flow trigger. The flexible spout rotates down more than 180 degrees and fits perfectly into any machines fill location while the thumb release trigger on top controls the flow. By pulling straight back on the safety trigger and then down on the thumb button fuel is released immediately while you stay in complete control the entire time. When you notice your fill tank is almost full slowly release the thumb button and allow the excess fuel to drain from the top of the spout before rotating it back up. The SureCan is a high quality fuel dispensing machine!

United Abrasives 4" Fast Grinding Wheel For Metal

Mississippi Welders depressed center fast grinding wheel. It has an aluminum oxide grain with a soft bond for fast shock removal. It is used for ferrous metals (iron, steel, welds, etc.) and low grade stainless steel.

In The Ditch 5 Gallon Gas Can Mount

This In The Ditch 5 Gallon Gas Can Mount is made from aluminum and holds a 5 gallon plastic fuel can. The mount is made from aluminum and it is easy to install. Gas can and bungees are not included, but we also offer those. Shop for

In The Ditch Hammer / Cord Holder Bracket

This cord holder is a great way to not only securely store your power cords and air hoses but also keep them organized and easy to access. These are also perfect for a variety of hammer types and sizes to keep them at the ready above your workbench. Aluminum alloy construction and our Endurance Black Powder Coat Finish keeps your Air Hose Mount looking sharp even after years of faithful service. Mounting to any surface in your garage or trailer is simple, just select proper mounting hardware for pegboard, wood, metal or even drywall. We designed these for use in our manufacturing facility and put a lot of thought into getting everything just right. Like most of the products we make, we designed them because no one seemed to build what we wanted that actually worked.

Phoenix Air Compressor and Hose Reel Kits

Note: Special Handling Fees Apply for Specific Items

Phoenix's 12 volt portable air compressor kit includes a 25' hose reel and a 12 volt portable air compressor 3 gallon tank with an.75 HP motor. With additional features including a 25' retractable hose reel kit, the choice of the standard air hose reel or a premium air hose reel and 50 amp circuit breaker, this multi-functional piece of equipment will be the answer to all your needs. Total dimensions after being assembled are 22.75" x 19.5" x 17".
  • Dimensions: 22.75" x 19.5" x 17"
  • Retractable 25' hose reel
  • Premium Air Hose Reel: 4625-OLP
  • Standard Air Hose Reel: HR3825
  • 50-amp circuit breaker
  • 3-gal. tank
  • .75 HP
  • Weight:38 lbs
  • Max. Pressure Air Compressor:120 psi
  • (F)NPT Outlet:1/4 in
  • Cylinder Material:Steel
  • Motor RPM:1,750 RPM
  • Motor Type:Universal

Remco Orange Collapsible Emergency Blade Shovel

This compact shovel is ideal for spill kit applications, as well as a wide variety of other uses. Constructed of injection-molded ABS plastic, it will not damage tires or truck beds. It is non-sparking, chemical and corrosion resistant, making it an excellent addition to spill kits. It collapses for easy storage in commercial trucks or vehicles-or even your family car.

In The Ditch Universal Storage Mount

This Universal Storage Bracket from In The Ditch is perfect for holding two small 2.5 gallon jugs, a 5 gallon jug, a small tool box or just about anything that will fit in its 11-1/4" x 16-1/2" mounting surface. Multiple slots have also been included so straps or bungee cords can be used to secure your items to the mount. This mount will bolt directly to a tool box.

Grizzly Bar Pry Bar

This is a heavy, strong, multi-purpose tool that will save you time and effort on the job. With its hardened blade, this bar can be used for many stripping and prying tasks, such as aligning walls during tilt-up construction, roll and align large pipe and removing shingles and flooring.

Eck Corrosion Prevention 12 oz. Spray Can

Eck 12 oz. aerosol can comes with a plastic straw for pinpoint application. Coverage is approximately 18 square feet.

Zip's Broom w/ Extendable Handle 18" Wide

This rough surface broom from Zip's AW Direct effectively sweeps away heavy debris such as gravel, mulch and dirt. The handle extends for longer reach and collapses for convenient storage. The broom s bristles can tackle wet or dry conditions.
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