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Zip’s Top 10 List - Light Duty

by Tyler Nestvedt | Sep 01, 2023

Accessories to Add to Your Car Carrier/Light Duty


When you’re out on the road, you never know what you’ll run into. Being prepared for any situation is essential for every operator. This means you should always hold onto a few items to make every job easier.

Today, we’ll introduce you to a few of our phenomenal products. Together, they make for great additions to any existing truck’s toolbox. They all provide some utility that you may not have thought of.



Zip’s Side Puller Recovery Tool | Item #: ZP-SPZ


Speed and safety are essential on every call. Being able to adapt to whatever comes your way is a lot easier with the Zip’s Side Puller Recovery Tool. This towing accessory gives you 180 degrees of cable angle side-to-side and 90 degrees downward, allowing you the ability to tow from almost any angle, regardless of the situation. It’s also easy to install. All you need is to drill a 2" hole for an aluminum bed. On a steel deck, you don’t even need to drill a hole. Add this essential tool to your flatbed supplies today.

  • 9,000-lb. capacity
  • Compatible with a majority of manufacturers
  • Removable when not in use




ITI Rollback Master kit | Item #: ITI-MK


Whether you come across a disabled vehicle or a locked vehicle that needs to be moved, you need to have a solution. The best way to do that is with the ITI Rollback Master Kit. This kit comes with a variety of skates — all of which are made from extruded plastic — that help you get locked and disabled vehicles onto the back of a flatbed. Not only are they stronger than wood, but these skates are also rot, wear, oil and grease resistant. Make this kit part of your truck’s supplies.

  • (4) ITI Automotive Skate Ki
  • (2) ITI Big & Tall Automotive Skate Pair
  • (2) ITI XL Big & Tall Automotive Skate Pair
  • ITI Control Arm Skate
  • ITI Height Extender for the Control Arm Skate
  • ITI Axle Tube Height Extender for the Control Arm Skate
  • ITI Lockout Wedge
  • ITI Trailer Jack Skate




Zip’s Receiver Hitch for Chevron 408 Light Duty Wrecker | Item #: ZP-408RHZ-PTB


Sometimes you show up at a scene and realize you need to tow more than just a car. Lucky for you, Zip’s Receiver Hitch for Chevron 408 Light Duty Wrecker can easily be put directly onto your Autogrip autoloader on your Chevron 408 light-duty wrecker. This works with bumper hitch campers and toy haulers, and it comes with an optional pintle hitch and tri-ball attachment.

  • 8,000-lb. tow capacity
  • Solid welded construction
  • Easy bolt-on application




Guardian AngelMicro Series Safety Light | Item #: GUARDIAN-ANGEL-MICRO


Taking care of safety should be a top priority. Being seen is a big part of that, which is why this bright light can be placed right on your shoulder for maximum visibility. Thanks to its multiple modes, you quickly stand out. With its ability to flash in different patterns, it’s hard to be ignored. This magnetic light can also be placed on whatever metallic surface is available in order to light up whatever you need it to. Be seen for miles with the Guardian Angel Micro Series Safety Light.

  • Four different light controls provide maximum lighting versatility
  • Four different brightness settings-low, medium, high & MAX
  • Rated up to 3+ miles of visibility using high-powered LEDs




Access Tools Contractor’s Lockout Kit | Item #: ACTACS


When somebody locks their keys in their car, they’re having a rough day. The kind of day that needs a quick, easy fix. Luckily with this toolset, you can easily find the right tools to make their day better. Each vehicle is a little different, so knowing you have different tools to handle different situations is great. With its variety of tools to help you recover your customer’s keys, the Access Tools Contractor’s Lockout Kit is a great addition to your tow truck supplies.

  • Includes a handy carrying case
  • Three tools have a scratch-proof coating
  • Fits conveniently under or behind a seat




TowMate 22” Wireless Tow Light, Lime | Item #: TM22G TOW LIGHT


Whether you need to turn or stop, letting other drivers on the road know what you’re up to is important for your safety and theirs. This wireless tow light allows you to send those signals from the car you’re towing simply by setting it on a magnetic surface. With rubber boots to protect your customer's vehicle from scratches and bright LEDs to signal your intentions to other drivers, this tow mate proves why it is a top-selling wireless lightbar.

  • Four choices of transmitters
  • Durable PVC housing
  • Up to 10 hours of use between charges




SafeAll Car Carrier Proportional Remote Control System | Item #: SA-RCS


Winch lines can be dangerous if they snap, yet they’re essential to every tow driver out there. Being able to pull a car up shouldn't have to include the risk of getting struck by a different vehicle or the winch line, if it snaps. With the SafeAll Car Carrier Proportional Remote Control System, you can control it remotely, while having precise control over the vehicle with the use of your wrist. Unlike other remote control systems, it doesn’t interfere with tow lights. Easily control your winch lines while staying a safe distance away.

  • Rugged and weatherproof actuator design
  • Bluetooth technology aids in actuator synchronization/calibration




JNC660 Portable Jump Pack | Item #: JNC660


Let’s face it, there are times when all you need to fix a car problem is to give it a quick start. That’s made easy with the JNC660 portable jump pack. Regardless of where you’re at, this dependable jump pack will get that car started and running. Plus, it’s easy to use and has 1700 peak amps and 425 cranking amps to make the process as fast as possible!

  • 46" heavy-duty #4 cables
  • Built-in charger
  • Battery status indicator gauge




Safe All Roll King | Item #: SA-RK


When a car has flipped onto its roof, it’s already had a bad day. Having to flip it back over shouldn’t make the day worse. With the Roll King, you can easily flip the car right back over. This adjustable pole is able to fit multiple vehicle sizes, and with its grab hooks, fixed eye and clawfoot grips, you can easily flip over the vehicle with just one operator.

  • 29" steel tube with pair of welded grab hooks and fixed eye
  • Extends to 3 lengths with removable safety pin
  • Clawfoot grips pinch welds better than wood 4x4s or PVC pipe




Torin Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Jack | Item #: 144865



Despite only weighing 22 pounds, this hydraulic jack can lift up to 4,000 pounds. That’s right. This small jack can easily get a car up off the ground. This makes it easier to find a place to attach your line or to change a tire. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, so it will definitely fit in your truck’s toolbox.

  • 100% factory vertical load tested for reliability and safety
  • 360° rotating saddle
  • Corrosion-resistant



Knowing what to bring when you’re out on a job is essential. Towing is one of those fields that is constantly shifting; no two jobs will ever be the same. Having the towing accessories and wrecker supplies you need to handle what comes your way is essential to every tow truck operator.

Hopefully, this list has helped you expand your toolkit to handle any job you get. At Zip’s AW Direct, we carry plenty of helpful, durable tools that can expand your tow truck supplies exponentially. After you’ve picked up everything on this list, feel free to browse our site to find even more to help you out.