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Ancra Cargo

Ancra Cargo was founded in 1969 with the mission to improve safety and security for the material handling industry. With that in mind, Ancra engineered an extensive line of products to secure a variety of cargo types. Browse our line of premium products from Ancra International LLC, including ratchet straps, cam buckle straps, winches, chain binders and more.
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Ancra Cargo EZ Binder

Flatbed truckers, rental companies, car transporters and anyone else who needs to tie equipment, vehicles and freight down to a trailer will appreciate the ease of use with Ancra s EZ Load Binder. As labeled on its outer metal casing, this ratcheting binder works with 5/16-3/8 chain and secures loads up to 5,400 lbs.

Ancra Corner Protector Placement Tool

The Ancra Corner Protector Placement Tool is designed to provide an easy and secure means for positioning corner protectors in place on the top corners of cargo on a flatbed trailer. User stays firmly on the ground while positioning corner protectors. An added feature is the center recessed area at the top end of the tool that can be used to reposition cargo straps over the load! Works with all types of corner protectors. Designed specifically to work with the X-Treme Guard corner protectors but will work with most other Ancra corner protectors. (including AI-43986-10, AI-49377-10, AI-49377-11, AI-49756-10 and AI-49584-10)

Ancra "Goldline" Heavy Duty Premium Tarp Ties

In the heavy duty trucking industry, Goldline? Heavy Duty EPDM Tarp Ties have been a favoritewith fleets and independent owners for 40 years. Made in the USA and known for quality, durability, and resistance to the elements, these tarp ties offer good stretch recovery and maintain their strength over the entire life of the tarp ties. The two lines include the longest lasting, larger cross section Goldline? Heavy Duty EPDM tarp ties best recognized by truckers, and the standard cross section Silverline Elite? EPDM.

Ancra Commercial Grade Tarp Ties

Proprietary EPDM blended rubber for excellent stretch and recovery in cold climates and higher UV protection in warmer climates. Zinc plated steel S-Hooks attached to 1/2"thick tear drop ends to resist tearing. Color coded label by length.

Ancra International Steering Wheel Lock Strap

Ancra International Steering Wheel Lock Strap

Ancra 2" X 33" Axle Strap w/ Sleeve

Ancra s 33-in. black axle strap provides you with a convenient and reliable anchor point that helps you secure your vehicle for a towing or recovery job. This strap is engineered with strength and durability in mind using our highly durable 2-in. wide heavy-duty PVB coated webbing that offers greater abrasion resistance. The handy Cordura protective sleeve that we ve included with the strap does its job in protecting the surface of your vehicle, preventing the strap from rubbing down the vehicle s finish.

Ancra Magnetic Flag Holder

Easily secure warning flags on your oversize trailer or at your jobsite with this small magnetic flag holder from Ancra. The holder includes a ceramic magnet, center screw and wig nut for attachment.

Ancra International Ratchet Binder

Ancra traditional chain load binders are constructed of drop-forged steel for strength and durability. They were designed to be used with transport chains and are finished in a red E-coat paint. They meet or exceed WSTDA T-6 standards.

Ancra 4" Winch Strap w/ Flat Hook

Ancra's 4" winch strap with flat hook in hand, you'll be able to easily take care of the heavy-duty cargo securement jobs with confidence. This strap's 4" treated polyester webbing can handle a working load limit of 5,400 lb making it the ideal choice for multiple securement applications.

Ancra 2" Tie-Down Assembly w/ E-Track Fitting

Ratchet Buckle Tie-Down Strap has an easy snap-in spring end fitting on each end, making attachments fast. Heavy-duty polyester webb ing and ratchet buckle for durability and wear. Standard fixed end is 48". 1,000-lb. WLL per strap. Note: You MUST have E-Track rail s on your vehicles in order to use this strap.

Ancra Heavy-Duty Strap Storage Band Pack

Ancra's heavy-duty strap storage band is made with high-performance rubber to keep your straps from unrolling and maintaining their quality. The storage band allows you to stay organized while prolonging the life of your webbing and saving you money on replacement straps.

Ancra X-Treme Guard HD Poly Corner Protector

Ancra's new high-density polyethylene X-Treme Guard Corner Protector distributes strap tension over the length of the guard to prevent your cargo from being crushed by the straps and protects your webbing from abrasion. Made in lengths of 12", 24", 36" and 48", this durable guard is strong yet lightweight, and crack/ weather resistant to -30?. Corner Protectors not to be used as sling protection for overhead lifting. Made in USA.

Ancra Natural Rubber Tarp Tie

Natural rubber tarp ties are best suited for colder climates and are our most economical offering. Ancra's tarp tie offering provide s you the customer with product options that can be chosen and suited to your application. Molded EPDM construction for high Ozone r esistance and strength resiliency or molded natural rubber for good cold weather stretch properties.

Ancra Safety Flag with Dowel

Need to alert motorists of your oversized load or perform traffic control for a road construction project? Count on these two options of red safety flags from Ancra to get the job done. Both measure 18 inches square with the mesh version wrapped around a wooden dowel and the cotton style fixed with a metal ring for wire attachment.

Ancra G70 Transport Chain Assembly w/ Clevis Grab Hooks

Built for strength and durability, the grade 70 5/16-in. x 16-ft. chain assembly features tough clevis hooks and heat-treated carbon alloy steel construction. The strong, heat-treated steel build can easily secure heavy-duty cargo and has been 100% proof-tested to twice its initial working load limit for a total capacity of 4,700 lbs. To protect the chain assembly from rust and corrosion and to ensure years of service, a zinc-plated gold chromate coat has been added.

Ancra 2" Auto Ratchet Tie-Down Assembly w/ Snap Hooks

Ancra's ratchet tie-down provides heavy-duty strength for securing cargo with an efficient ratchet design and durable snap hook hardware. The polyester webbing has been treated to provide increased strength and reliability with resistance to abrasion and the elements so you can continue using the strap in harsh conditions. The ratchet buckle allows for quick tensioning and smooth operation. With the added efficiency of a ratchet buckle, you can save time securing cargo. The ratchet tie-down also features snap hooks on either end, which are made of durable steel to secure and lock safely onto anchor points. The ratchet tie-down provides a working load limit of 1,666 lbs. and makes for a great tie-down for securing heavy-duty cargo.

Ancra 18" x 18" Flag with Wire Loop

Built for high visibility, Ancra's 18" x 18" fluorescent orange colored flag is bright and sturdy to keep you visible and safe on the road. Made with durable orange mesh, the flag s fluorescent sheen helps to improve visibility during nighttime, and the strong mesh can hold its own against harsh weather. The safety flag comes with 7-gauge wire with 1/2" loops for securing the flag to your truck or trailer.

Ancra 2" X-Treme Web Keeper Ratchet Strap w/ Wire Hooks

Keep your excess webbing neat and secure with our new patented Web Keeper Ratchet Buckle Straps. Tension your strap, roll up excess webbing and store it under the lever. Straps are available in 27' and 30' lengths in flat hook or wire hook models in standard or X-TREME webbing. These straps have a fixed end length of 18' and meet or exceed WSTDA T-1 Standard Specification for synthetic web tie-downs. 2" Web keeper ratchet buckle straps using AI-41632-37 X-TREME webbing with longwide handle web keeper ratchet buckle AI-50037-10.

Ancra Silvercap Overdrive Ratcheting Winch Cap

Ancra's Silvercap Overdrive Ratcheting Cap turns any winch into a ratcheting winch by simply attaching over the cap. With heat-treated steel components, the Ratcheting Cap maintains high-durability and performance that will last for years, while all seals are internal so no external rubber seal is needed, which can deteriorate over time. A lubricated cap with a Grime Guard Weather-Tight Seal fits over the existing winch cap without having to remove the winch from the trailer, making installation quick and easy. The added ratcheting design is both faster and safer than traditional winches since the winch bar stays in the cap throughout tensioning, reducing tensioning time up to 33% and minimizing the risk of winch bar rollover.

Ancra 3 Pack Triangle Warning Kit

Warn passing motorists of a roadside emergency or breakdown with this orange triangle kit from Ancra. The triangles are collapsible and can be turned 90-degrees on its weighted black base for stability out on the roadway or on the shoulder. The kit includes a durable red plastic storage case and is certified by AMECA and DOT.

Ancra Galvanized Screw Pin Anchor Shackle

Ancra offers a wide selection of chain hardware for popular applications from zinc plated clear chromate anchor shackles in screw pins and clevis pin models to Quick Links in various sizes. Corrosion resistant, zinc plated gold chromate Grade 70 Twin Clevis and Slip Hooks come in a wide range of sizes, with and without safety latches. Galvanized and individually polybagged.

Ancra Series E and A Rope Tie-Off w/ Spring Actuated Fitting

With Ancra s series E & A rope tie-off with spring actuated fitting in hand, you no longer have to worry about having the right kind of tie-down strap with logistic track end fittings. Our rope tie-off acts as a good alternative to attach rope or webbing to a trailer side wall. Able to handle the heavy-duty loads with a working load limit of 1,333 lbs., this rope tie-off is equipped with a durable D-ring that s wide enough to work with most tie-down hooks. The spring actuated fitting easily fits into the series E & A track for a reliable grip.

Ancra 2" Web Keeper Ratchet Tie-Down Assembly w/ Flat Hooks

Keep your excess webbing neat and secure with our new patented Web Keeper Ratchet Buckle Straps. Tension your strap, roll up excess webbing and store it under the lever. Straps are available in 27' and 30' lengths in flat hook or wire hook models in standard or X-TREME webbing. These straps have a fixed end length of 18" and meet or exceed WSTDA T-1 Standard Specification for synthetic web tie-downs.

Ancra 34" Chrome Standard Winch Bar

Made with heat-treated materials for improved strength, Ancra's standard chrome winch bar features a tapered and angled end for easy operation and leverage. The winch bar also features a sturdy handle with two knurled sections that improve grip and control, while a flanged mushroom tip provides a secure connection in the winch cap, keeping the bar in the winch cap and maintaining leverage.

Ancra High Density Polymer Corner Protector

Save your straps from sharp or rough edges with these 4" plastic corner protectors from Ancra.The high density polymer is suitable for webbing up to 4". 5.25"wide and extends approx. 3.5" to protect the load. Has excellent low temperature performance,down to -20?F.Along with our standard rugged flatbed products, Ancra web accessories offer high performance and durability. Sturdy corner and web protectors prevent abrasion of cargo and cargo-securing straps. Corner Protectors not to be used as sling protection for overhead lifting.
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