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Lokithor J402 3000A Jump Start Kit

The Lokithor J402 jump start kit is a high-performance power pack able to jump 12V vehicles with gasoline engines up to nine liters and diesel engines up to seven liters. The lithium polymer battery delivers 3,000 peak amps, and fully charged, this jump pack kit can start 60 engines before needing more juice.

Lokithor EVA Protection Case for J-Series Jump Starter

Protect your new J-Series Lokithor jump pack with this durable and stylish elastomeric polymer case. Featuring a leather look and feel, this zippered case offers two storage compartments. An upper mesh pocket dutifully stores the accessories that came with your pack, and a soft lining interior cushions the base for the charging unit.

Lokithor Multi-Function Jump Starter and Air Compressor

The only thing worse than a flat tire is a dead battery, especially when you are already running behind. Remedy both situations with a multi-function jump starter from Lokithor. Besides delivering enough energy to jump start most gasoline and diesel engines, this 12V power pack is also equipped with a built-in air compressor that’s capable of producing up to 150 pounds of air pressure.

Lokithor JA2500 4-in-1 Portable Jump Pack w/ Air Compressor

Don’t be tardy for a party or late for a tee time. Keep a portable and multi-functional JA2500 jump pack in your vehicle. Fully charged, this portable power pack can instantly restart your car or inflate your tire in just minutes to get you back on the road and onto your next appointment. Find a spot for one of these versatile gems inside your vehicle. Don’t leave home without one.

Lokithor EVA Protection Case for JA-Series Jump Starter

You’ve made an investment in a Lokithor multi-purpose, rechargeable jump pack. Now protect it with a quality elastomeric polymer case. Offering a soft leather look and feel, this zippered case is IP65-rated for dust and water resistance, and the lined interior cushions the contents while stored under a seat or on a shell.

Lokithor Jump Starter with LiFePO4 Battery

Whether you need to go to work, head to the store, cut the grass or take your boat to the lake, you’re not going to get very far with a dead battery. Get back on schedule with your weekday commute or your weekend chores with a handheld jump starter from Lokithor. These convenient jump packs can store just about anywhere and can deliver the instant power you need to jumpstart most 12V vehicles, including cars, ATVs, personal watercraft, lawn mowers and more.
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