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Rigging & Recovery Supply
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Car Hauler Trailer Supply
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Ratchets & Hardware
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Tow Lights
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Top-Selling Zip's Products
1. Zip’s Winch Straps with Flat Hooks
Buy 2" | Buy 3" | Buy 4"
2. Zip’s Measuring Height Stick
Item #: ZLDMS | Buy it
3. Zip’s Endless Loop Round Slings
Item #: ZIPS-ROUNDSLING | Buy it
4. Zip’s Side Puller Recovery Tool
Item #: ZP-SPZ | Buy it
5. Zip’s Wheel Lift Tie-Down Strap with D-Ring
Item #: ZTDS-D | Buy it
6. Zip’s Mini Winch Bar
Item #: ZWBMINI | Buy it
7. Zip’s Car Hauler Tie-Down Assembly w/ Double Finger Hooks
Item #: ZTDNSJR | Buy it
8. Zip’s Car Hauler Tie-Down Assembly w/ Swivel J Hooks and Tire Grippers
Item #: ZTDSJR | Buy it
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AW Direct

Towing Straps & Chains
Rigging & Recovery Supply
Towing Accessories
Winch Lines & Hardware
Lockout Tools
Trash Cans
Tow Lights
Emergency & Warning Lighting
Save 10% with code: CAD22 on these Top-Selling AW Direct Products
Top-Selling AW Direct Products
1. AW Direct Elite Series Fiber Core Winch Cable
Item #: AW-WIRE ROPE LS | Buy it
2. AW Direct Elite Series U-Bolt Attachment Set
Item #: ZUBOLT-PR | Buy it
3. AW Direct Quick Connect Air Coupler Kit
Item #: ZAW-ACK | Buy it
4. AW Direct Air Delivery Kits
Item #: AC12TC-OLP | Buy it
5. AW Direct Trash Can
Item #: AW-TRASH CAN | Buy it
6. AW Direct Tow Eye Strap
Item #: TES2 | Buy it
7. AW Direct Magnetic Axle Strap with Wear Pad and Delta Rings
Item #: MAG-AXLE-STRAP-WP | Buy it
8. AW Direct Elite Series Sling
Item #: AW ELITE SLING | Buy it
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