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Towmate 22" Lithium Battery Tow Light

Towmate 22" Lithium Battery Tow Light

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TowMate has upgraded its popular 22” ‘Lime Light’ wireless towlight with a long-lasting lithium battery, providing five times the run time of its original lead-acid counterpart. The TM22XR now delivers more than 50 hours of operation on a single charge, compared to the 10 hours of battery life on the best-selling TM22G model.

Besides the longer run time, lithium batteries make this tow light very user-friendly. A handy charge level indicator panel lets the operator know how much juice is left, and the battery’s high-energy density allows the lightweight housing to be sleek, efficient and easier to handle. Compared to traditional battery power, these batteries have an improved lifespan, and coupled with low self-discharge rates, they also hold their charge better when sitting idle.

Additionally, lithium batteries have quick-charging capabilities, and the light’s indicator panel lets the user know how much time is left before recharging. Each tow light includes a 12V DC charging cord and your choice of six transmitter options: 4-PIN round (standard), 4-PIN flat, 6-PIN round, 7-PIN round, 7-PIN RV style or hardwired. Choose your preferred style from the drop-down menu.

Like the original, the TM22XR features 14 LED lights with stop/tail/turn functions. LED lights are brighter and more efficient than any other form of lighting. Additionally, the LEDs are highly durable and provide instant lighting, which is critical for vehicles in tow. This light also offers a broadcast range of more than 1,000 feet, greatly increasing signal strength of the transmitter and receiver.

To secure the tow light to the vehicle in tow, the TM22XR relies on powerful magnets for simple installation, just like the original. This newer version, however, features a pair of rubber-coated magnets with a pulling force of 100 lbs. For comparison, the original 22” tow light had two 90-lb. magnets with just rubber boots to protect the vehicle surface. The scratch-free coating and improved strength of the new model certainly improves performance and longevity.

This tow light is made in the USA and includes a lifetime warranty on electronics and LEDs. Standing behind their products, TowMate gives customers the peace of mind that they don’t have to cover the costs of defects not caused by them. They also know they are buying a product that the manufacturer has complete confidence in.

  • Full-function wireless tow light
  • 14 LED lights
  • Battery indicator
  • Signals: Stop/tail/turn
  • Choice of six transmitter styles
  • Color: option of lime green or yellow
  • Length: 22”
  • 12V DC charge cord included
  • Rechargeable lithium battery power
  • 50+ hours of run time on a single charge
  • Charge level indicator panel
  • 1000’+ of broadcast range
  • Rubber-coated, scratch-free magnets
  • 100 lbs. of pulling force
  • Made In USA
  • Lifetime warranty on electronics & LEDs
  • Battery Replacement: BAT-XR-LD