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Chafe-Pro Protective Nylon Sleeve

Chafe-Pro Protective Nylon Sleeve

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Chafe-Pro's standard abrasion protective nylon sleeve is made from a tubular textile abrasion resistant nylon. They are the most economical option for managing, containing and protecting your synthetic rope. This material is sold by the foot.

Chafe-Pro? s standard abrasion protective nylon tubular sleeves, the tubular version of Chafe-Pro? s proprietary abrasion resistant Nylon weave, are the most economical option for managing, containing and protecting lines.

The applications for the standard sleeves include protection and containment for hose assemblies (hose sleeves, or hose covers, abrasive hose protection), ropes and wire harnesses, etc.. Sleeving can be used over ropes or chains to prevent those items from damage or causing damage.

Typical market applications include hose and wire harness protection for heavy equipment manufacturers, cable and hose protection and containment in the automobile industry, distributors, hose repair shops, and rope companies.

  • Chafe-Pro Standard abrasion protective nylon sleeve
  • Abrasion & Chemical resistant
  • Color: Black
  • Sold by the Foot

    Chemical Compatibility

  • Gasoline - Very Good
  • Benzene - Very Good
  • Oil - Very Good
  • Acetone - Very Good
  • Mineral & Vegetable Oil - Very Good
  • Ether - Very Good
  • Alcohols - Very Good
  • Carbone Tetrachloride - Very Good
  • Diluted Bases - Very Good
  • Chlorine Based Solvents - Very Good
  • Diluted Acids - Good
  • Mildew & Bacteria Growth - Resists