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AmSteel-Blue Synthetic Winch Lines w/ Self-Locking Hook | 9/16" - 7/8"

AmSteel-Blue Synthetic Winch Lines w/ Self-Locking Hook | 9/16" - 7/8"

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AmSteel-Blue Synthetic Rope is a proven alternative to steel cables and steel winch lines. Size-for-size, AmSteel-Blue is the same strength as steel wire rope - yet it floats! These 12-strand, single braid winch lines yield the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and are torque free. Meaning attachment hardware with a swivel is not necessary. AmSteel-Blue has extremely limited stretching - only 1% at full WLL (4:1). Also, AmSteel-Blue Rope has superior flex fatigue and is abrasion resistant. When compared to steel cables, AmSteel-Blue Winch Lines are a fraction of the weight. For example, a 3/4 " x 100' steel cable weighs 100 lbs while an AmSteel-Blue rope with the same dimensions only weighs 13.3 lbs - almost 8 times lighter! Just think about how much easier the handling of the synthetic Amsteel-Blue is for your operators verses a steel cable. Also, it drastically cuts down on the overall weight of your truck - especially heavy duty rotator wreckers which have up to 5 to 6 winches!

Here's a more in-depth look into the benfits of AmSteel Blue Synthetic Rope... Learn more by clicking here

Size Options and Weight Limits


  • Winch lines w/ hook
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Easy to inspect
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • Extremely low stretch
  • Flexible
  • Floats
  • High strength
  • Highly flex-fatigue resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Maximum strength-to-weight ratio
  • Similar elastic elongation to wire rope
  • Torque-free construction
  • Wire rope replacement
  • Available in 7 different colors (Blue is Standard)
  • Many more dimensions and custom lengths available
  • Any other questions please call 800.222.6047

  • Competition grade running rigging
  • Primary mooring line
  • Lifting slings
  • Trawl, bridle, and gilson lines
  • Kite/Wakeboard/Waterski lines
  • Trawl and bridle lines
  • Wire replacement - Non jacketed
  • High performance tug lines
  • Climbing and rigging accessories
  • Pulling and stringing lines
  • Winch lines
  • Low stretch support lines (Wire replacement)
  • Horizontal lifelines
  • Logging
  • Wire replacement ropes
  • General working lines
  • Rig tow lines

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