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  • Custom Wear T-Shirts

    by User Not Found | Jun 07, 2016
    Custom Wear T-Shirt Sale

    We’re giving you a special look at the latest custom shirts from Zip’s. With the release of new styles, including long sleeve or short sleeve and ladies or unisex options, you’re sure to find a style that suits you. Shop our fun designs and up-to-date styles for any family member, any time of the year. We want to help you find just what you’re looking for, so let us know if you have questions on sizing or availability. Grab them while they’re on sale. Check out the collection here.

  • Change of Production Seasons

    by Paul Rottinghaus | Mar 05, 2015

    Today hopefully is the last frigidly cold day we will have this winter. In Iowa and Michigan we have missed a great deal of the snowy weather endured by states south and east of us.  I’m sure that although cold snowy weather is good for business that our customers will like a break from it.

    It seems like this has been a very long stretch of time that we have been under the gun to build new equipment to fill custom orders. We have been working a lot of overtime.  The guys are looking forward to and will enjoy more normal hours in a week or two as we wind down the rush season and as the weather warms and daylight savings time kicks in.

    Zip’s is now getting quite current with production of new build to order wreckers, car carriers and service bodies. We are beginning to produce some turnkey units so our customers will find that they can get immediate delivery on flatbeds, multi-deck car carriers, and light and heavy duty wreckers. Carriers are already showing up out front and we will be moving a few of them to Zip’s Detroit store in the next few days.

    Zip’s also has available a large number of chassis and bodies that can be custom built quickly as we can move them right into a production slot. Our sales force should be happy to have equipment that they can demonstrate.

    We are really excited about building the new Miller Multi-deck 4 car carriers. This is no-brainer replacement for the conventional above cab 4 car carrier. We have a Freightliner that will be done yet this week. If you are in that market of clearing out wrecks for the pools, auctions and insurance companies check them out. They are so much more safe loading and unloading as the tie-down work can be done from ground level rather than having to crawl around loading the car above the cab. The controls are simple to operate. This makes it so much easier to hire operators and should affect your workman's compensation in a positive way. I know of way too many instances where drivers slipped and fell loading vehicles on the conventional above cab deck.
    Most are built with pusher axles so that the DOT is happy. The decks are 30' long for maximum loading space still staying under legal length limits in all states that I know of. Handling of this vehicle is much improved over the traditional 4 car because the weight of the top car is well back from the front of the vehicle. There is no overhang over the windshield so the driver doesn't feel like he is in a tunnel driving the unit.
    The main deck is a 16 Miller 16 series 16,000# capacity which is much lighter than the traditional 20 Series deck .

    I hope your looking forward to the new season and change of pace as we are.

  • From the Desk of Paul

    by Paul Rottinghaus | Mar 04, 2015
    This is going to be interesting. I am not much of a writer but I feel it would be good for me and Zip’s if we addressed items that would be of interest to our customers in the towing and recovery field, automotive service industry and the truck transportation business.  

    I may discuss current events, towing, equipment recovery, rigging, safe practices, equipment selection and maintenance, chassis, truck equipment, insurance, financing, business practices, Zip’s, or anything else that gets my blood flowing.  I hope you find what I write useful, entertaining or in the least, something to talk about.  

    Presumably I will be able to solicit blogs from some of our staff. We have a number of people who have a good deal of expertise in several areas that they may want to write about and you will find informative or helpful.  
    My GrandchildrenAs for some background, I am the president of Zip’s. I started working at this very facility in 1974 and bought the company in 1986. There has been an awful lot of water that has passed under my bridge during that time. My wife of 40 years Margo has been supporting me the whole time. I have three children, Carolyn, Lindsay and David. Carolyn operates a salon/spa business in Rogers, Minnesota. Lindsay is a busy mother of three girls in Brooklyn Park and is married to Chris who markets industrial equipment. David has been working here at Zip’s for several years. He is married to Tiffany and they have two little boys. My five grandchildren are pictured on the right.  David and Tiffany have been instrumental in starting our Taylor, Michigan shop and store living in the Detroit area for over two years and just recently moving back to Iowa to help the old man. Tiffany has great skills in graphic design and marketing which she uses to help our sales efforts here at Zip’s.

    More to follow as I get time to “BLOG”!
  • DPF Cleaning Service

    by User Not Found | Apr 16, 2014
    DPF Filter Cleaning
    Cleaning your DPF is an essential step to keeping your truck running right, and it must be done carefully and thoroughly to avoid damage and guarantee performance. If you wait too long to clean your DPF, you risk damaging the DPF and may need to replace it entirely, which is a hit on your wallet. Zip’s has invested in a state-of-the-art DPF cleaning machine. At a much more reasonable price than a replacement DPF and small time investment, you can have your DPF thoroughly inspected and cleaned and your truck ready to hit the road again. Spend less time in the shop and enhance your truck's performance at Zip’s—click here for more details.